Thursday, September 29, 2005

Presense - Glade


I would tell you of the glade the Gusari has chosen,
so that if you chance to wander by after he has gone,
you’ll know right off what is of what, and stuff like that.

This is to say that whatever spot he chooses is haven,
and wherever he gives council becomes a glade by right,
which has nothing to do with number of trees and such.

So what I will describe isn’t rightly what you would see,
‘cause the sum of he and thee would be different
and the world would find a different balance – sort of.

Anyway – before I confuse myself, I’ll just get on with it –
trying to give you a feel of the magick that transpires
when I remember – or by remembering be as now.

See, it’s important to me to have trees and boulders,
leaves, waterfalls and flowers and birds hid but loud;
‘cause that was where I found peace as a little kid.

When I hunkered down across from the Gusari,
he wrapped me in this memory gentle slow,
allowing me to choose what was important, and all.

I know we talked about a lot of things – problems and fears,
but don’t recall the questions or specific answers either –
just know he mostly listened me though an hour or two.

I don’t remember leaving, or what my problems were exactly;
but now I have a couple of simple things to do
so as my journey will be in balance if I choose.

Best be, I know that all I need do to return to this glade
is whisper his name, and rub this pebble gift from his hand;

but that’s another story all together, you understand


At 8:49 PM, Blogger Lois said...

Now Glading is a word I have never come across Faucon.....
I am learning at a rate of knots ,but I fear I have left it all too there is so much I can and want to know but time will not be my friend......

This is how I understand the word
Where Gusari has been I will find evidence of his prescence
It will be lit with a new light
I will look at the boulders & trees ,birds ,flowers and know it to be a place of tranquility.
I shall bring it as to a memory of one from my past.
A place not to find answers,but to search a past memory for a clue to answering the question.
Perhaps a pebble found on a beach long ago where happiness abounded ,young children and old grandparents enjoyed the camping experience by the sea and all was well with the world at that time And in this way if one accesses these memories one will not always have an answer but know they were,have been and will be forever wonderful memories..and of those times that were important without knowing it.

Is this GLADING ?
Lois (Muse of the Sea)
8th Oct 2005.


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