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When I first contacted Kiyan I was not entirely sure about the whole idea for I realised I would probably have to do a bit of soulsearching. Anyway, for better or worse I went ahead with it.
As requested, I provided him with my 6 symbols although I inadvertently gave him seven not six. I also gave him some background information regarding my particular situation.

Like Gail, finding the symbols was difficult and eventually I came up with cats, otters, the gemstones fluorite and amethyst, water, my voice, my family and music. The fact that I had included a seventh also changed the focus of the sounding.
I had great difficulty in understanding many of the concepts used by Kiyan. He described, for example, the Trebusca matrix, one of the easier ones, like this:

"By analogy, consider that the Trebusca matrix has now been folded into a cube shaped Lantern. Each of the six sides has four Lens, 14 of which are 'smudged' by the influence of your situation. For a Sounding, a beam of energy is sent in through two Lens -- those selected by the Duuran Casting. The Beam of Insight bounces around inside and comes out through the other Lens to form a projection. Those with smudges bias the projection, but only within the limits of the Lens definition. Those without smudges allow "Ideal Light" to pass through. "

I have tried to reproduce it pictorially using a lighthouse lens. Coincidentally? (no such thing) the tarot card I have used for the background is that of the Magician. I felt like an insect pinned to an entomologist's board in the blinding light of examination.

Kiyan was at pains to point out that "I consider the revealed options with as little judgment as I can manage and write the Soundings at a single sitting -- letting it "flow through me." The resulting statements do not reveal 'facts' or 'truths' or 'future events'. They do provide a means of awakening you to possibilities and values you may never have considered; and possibly narrow the range of your perceived choices. The most probable outcome is a heightened confidence in following your eventual choices -- thereby increasing its likelihood of success."

Sounding one
How I see myself
"You see yourself grounded in the Practical level through necessity and feel a need to defend this position beyond reason. You know that your special talents in music, art and 'healing' have been suppressed -- at first willingly, but now you doubt the validity of these choices".

He hit the nail right on the head with this

"Your heart speaks to you of generosity and discovery, but you suppress these as selfish and manipulative (whining?) out of fear of disturbing the balance of your marriage and job."

I don't make my works of art for money but love. I don't feel selfish about this. I certainly don't feel manipulative!

"You yearn for realization of your intuitive and creative side"
Yes, yes, yes!

"even to 'learning from shadows'. Your conditioning (and perhaps culture) tells you to look for answers in the arrival of a stranger, or new source of vitality. You are fearful of this. Do not be, for the answers are not found there. What you seek is not in the 'ethereal' plane, but in exploration of 'innate' powers found within yourself. YOU KNOW THIS!

You know that such a change will require crossing barriers, taking risks and 'growing' -- all that you 'believe' cannot happen."

I don't feel trapped but frustrated that there are not enough hours in my day to allow me to create all that I want to create.

Sounding two - how others see you

"Your friends and associates do not see you as you see yourself at all. They easily relate to your subtlety, gracefulness and artistic side, and wonder why you don't 'make more of yourself'. If one could ask any of them, "Does she have a touch of ancient wisdom and power?" they would all say yes."

Not all but some - those who are more 'aware' perhaps. Not for nothing then, I have in the past, on a couple of occasions, been described, albeit jokingly, as a witch.

"You are a welcome part of any group or committee because you listen and look for ways to support the ideas of others, but rarely crusade your own. You are accepted as more of a follower than leader."

Definitely true.

"They hear your words (usually good advice), but sense that you were thinking of many alternatives based in conceptual wisdom, passionate detachment and timing as to why things must change in a situation.

Think of yourself as an owl who has never been allowed to fly."

Sounding three - follow

"Usually this indicates the potential for beneficial growth without major changes in the structure of the situation, i.e. changes in yourself will overcome situation.

You are already doing profound things in art. You can do the same with music -- not by surrounding yourself in symphonic noise, but by 'being' musical. Who cares if someone else thinks you can sing well -- do it anyway. You have been taught to 'believe' that you cannot -- you 'know' better. Do not even try to sing learned melodies or rhythms. Go to the woods or in a closet -- and sing what you feel.

Somewhere in this process you will find 'faith' in yourself -- and more."

It took me a while to digest what the sounding had revealed but it will enable me to go forwards, perhaps with a different focus, from now on and it has given me a good idea where I need to make some changes.
My thanks to Kiyan for this.


At 1:17 AM, Blogger Traveller said...

He who binds to himself a joy
Does the winged life destroy;
But he who kisses the joy as it flies
Lives in eternity's sun rise.
William Blake


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