Thursday, December 01, 2005

On the soundings...

Reading Traveller's post, I remembered all the emotions that came to to the surface during my sounding. Well, have I heeded what I learnt? I hope so. I have finally made that committment to art that I have shirked for so long, have put behind me the fears of the future - I look to the year ahead with renewed hope and inspiration.
I said my dream was to build a safe place, a community where my family and others could find peace and hope in a dangerous world - well, I realised that I had a way to create a place like that, not with bricks and mortar, but with images and words. My birthday gift this year from my darling daughter Mags was a website, a world of my own, as she put it. So I am creating my world there, a haven, a sanctuary, and as my vision comes into being there, I feel less attachment to it in the real world - for a sanctuary, I realise, is not a place but a feeling, and the wonderful people around me already have it.
The soundings are not an easy process - sometimes you have to confront things you would rather not face - but at the heart of it is your own truth. A beautiful thing to have in any world.